December 1

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #14

Outline: In today’s lecture, we had one of Bill’s old students come in and speak with the class. His name was Ron Kozlowski and he spoke with us about the program he had been working on called Synapse. Here are my notes for today’s lecture (Journal for December 1.) During the lecture, he showed us Synapse and what his hopes for the program would be in the future application of the program. The goal was to create an online server where data could be taken down and used by a pool of people, which is ideal for a classroom setting. He also mentioned how important scalability will be in the future, making sure that an application will work on multiple sized platforms.

Comments: I though Synapse was cool, but the most important thing I got from this lecture was the importance of scalability. I’d never really thought about the issue before, but it makes a lot of sense after thinking about it. With technology going into everything, having that kind of flexibility becomes less of a extra quality and more of a necessity. I can easily see this being a big part of any job in new media in the future.

How does this effect the field of new media? As I mentioned above, the issue of scalability is paramount. Synapse might come and go, but the issue of scalability will not. This is definitely something to keep in mind as we continue in our new media career.




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