November 22

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #13

Outline: For today’s lecture, Bill Kuykendall’s son, Adam Kuykendall, came in and gave a lecture on movies and the evolution of editing and filming that has occurred over time. Here are my notes from the lecture (Journal for November 22.) Adam showed us many different movie clips that highlighted certain aspect of the movie industry that he wanted to highlight, like the long shot from Spielburg’s Jaws, or from the movie Catch 22. He also made reference to a lot of different movies we might want to see as new media majors.

Comments: I thought this lecture was fun and interesting, but didn’t really have too big of an effect on how I was going to continue my career in new media. Film is a fascinating medium, but it’s just not where I want to focus. The clips that he showed were very relevant to the points he was making, and he spoke in a very clear and concise manner that I found easy to understand. Overall a good lecture, but not one I plan to contemplate much further.




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