Coding Help

Since HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are becoming more important in the new media curriculum, I’ve been looking for sites to help me increase my coding skills. I’ve been to sites like, but those are better used for reference, and not so much for someone with a basic understanding of code. To be honest, I was a little lost as to where to go from there. Until I found

This site is great. It offers a way to increase your skills in a fun and engaging way. They seriously want you to learn how to hack their site. It makes learning all the code more fun and inspires you to learn more, so you can continue on up to harder lessons. The motivation that this site creates is wonderful, and the idea of a site openly inviting you to hack it is definitely new and exciting. The community there is dedicated and intelligent, and there are answers to the lessons found all over the internet, for those lazy enough to give up before figuring it out on their own. It gives the user some practical application to use their skills, and this really helped me get excited to learn code. I didn’t get very far, as this is something I do in my free time, but I would highly recommend trying to get this into the new media curriculum to inspire students to get excited about the skills they are learning in class.


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