Interactive Textbook

I’ve noticed more and more classes are asking students to rely on online tutorials or texts to help learn the material taught in the classroom. I’ve even been in classes where there was little education outside of tutorials found online and the projects assigned in class. This is a great idea. Text books are an old medium, and an ineffective one at that. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys reading from textbooks that aren’t in their major. I’ve met one or two that actually enjoy reading textbooks. It’s basically just a way for universities to make even more money. I know I’m over generalizing here, but the fact remains that textbooks are an inefficient way of communicating an idea to a student.

Considering this, I love finding online resources available that help me learn what I need to learn, but in an interactive and often interesting way. Here’s a link to an art history site that I used to study for my exams. I really hope that this trend continues and becomes the norm within all aspects of the education system. It’s time to end this love affair with the textbook, because it’s only going to hurt us in the end.


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