Response to As It Happened

This movie was great. I had little knowledge of any kind of hacking and famous hackers before this movie, so the entire movie was fresh knowledge for me. The movie presented really well too, so it was a pleasure to watch. Learning about the fore fathers of the hackers movement really inspired me to go look more into the whole hacking movement. I wonder whether that was the intention of the film? It must have been. The positive and friendly attitude it had towards hacking really helped me as a student and a viewer get interested in these people and their lives, and give me a look at hacking that the media hasn’t given us ever since the birth of the movement.

It made me wonder what these guys think of modern day hacking groups like lulsec and anonymous. These groups have received large amounts of negative media attention. After watching this film, I wonder what these men who began the movement would have to say about them. Would they agree with the media? Disagree? Or fall somewhere in between? I know I disagree with their tactics. They’re blunt and malicious, compared to these earlier hackers. But then again, that’s the medias portrayal of them. How does one even begin to define these groups? That’s a question I don’t think I’m prepared to answer. At least, not yet.



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