Response to Corten

The downward spiral of commercialism that we live in and deal with everyday has dire consequences most of us aren’t even aware of in the ecosystem. If you stop to think about it, though, you realize that deep down you know something is wrong. Everyone seems to have a sense of this, but there is such a strong desire to ignore those nagging thoughts and put them to rest. The desire to not acknowledge these issues is a very dangerous reality that we’re going to have to deal with if anything is to be done about the current situation.

This is where the real problem resides. The economic and ecological issues are all there, but the biggest issue of them all is the reluctance for us to acknowledge these issues and do something to change them. If this problem could be solved, we could be on our way to finding a solution. Until then, however, we may be stuck here with the wool over our eyes. Wool placed there by our own two hands.


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