Response to the Yes Men

This movie was incredible. It was entertaining, educational, and eye opening as well. There should be more movies like these in the pubic school system for sure. We’d certainly learn more. The movie was just so well put together too. The most amazing this was how simple the plans were that they put together. Often it was simply a false website and some posts, and they were receiving their own invitations left and right to extremely important events. What also amazed me was the guts these two guys had. Doing the stunts they did could not have been easy on them, and the sheer nerve and determination was inspiring in and of itself.

This movie is a must see for any new media major. It shows a side of what smart people can be capable of doing with the technology we’re learning how to use. All it takes is some brains and a mission, and amazing things can occur. A good lesson, but easily forgotten here on campus, what with all the homework and rules that being a college student entails. It’s easy to forget that sometimes you have to break a few rules to get at what’s important, as long as you do it intelligently. Doing things intelligently means different things to different people, but these guys deserve a standing ovation for their aspirations and courage to go through with their ideas. Wherever you are, Yes Men, I stand applauding.

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