Response to Vin Crosbie

I found this reading to be interesting, especially with the focus on many-to-many. This is a trend that our new media program is based upon, and is a concept that is being brought up time and time again in different classrooms. It’s nice to know the source material that this concept comes from. One question that does come up while reading this is the importance of technology to achieve true many to many contact. How much technology is required to be categorized as many to many? Could our fore fathers have been practicing this transportation medium when building the nation that we live in today? If not, could they have made better decisions and created a better country through this transportation vehicle?

I would argue that our fore fathers did not have the required technology. In order to truly be a many to many transportation vehicle, you need to have the ability to have quick feedback from anyone involved in the deliberation. This means that at any time input could be taken from the community, and thus things could change in response to the needs and the desires of the people involved. This method was not around during the times of our fore fathers, and for practically no other nation that exists today. They were all formed under the other more archaic vehicles of transportation, one to one and one to many. Now with the technology we have today, are these systems really the best for our communities? If they were created using old techniques, wouldn’t a new method be called for with the advent of this technology? Movements such as Occupy Wallstreet are showing that people are starting to ask these important questions. The world has not yet answered their questions, but in time, an answer must come, or we must revert back to the one to many transportation vehicle.


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