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My Campus: Stick Note Edit.

A website where you can post quick notes about what it’s really like going to school at your campus. The idea is to get the real story of how your experience might be. The story that the tour guides are not paid to tell you. The story the University might not want you to know, or are too busy to realize how good something really is. Examples; where’s the best food on campus? Where are you most likely to get hassled by protestors? Who actually goes to school events? Are hockey games worth waiting outside for? When do the assholes workout at the gym, and when is the best time to avoid them? All these and more would be available to view, referenced by campus and popularity of the post. All posts would be available to vote up or down, which allows viewers to search by campus or by popularity. An admin would be assigned to keep an eye open for inappropriate posts, though swearing would be allowed to a reasonable extent. Validity of the posts would be determined by how many positive votes the posts receive. Basically an auto-correcting system built in with the up votes and down votes.

Pictured: Coffee

Intent: Coffee plays a huge role in our society. My intent is to highlight the dependence on coffee that we as Americans have by showing photos on a website showing many different locations and people of many different ages. You can send in your photos and the database will sort them depending on factors such as general age ranges, locations, types of coffee, etc. Viewing the photos will be in a slideshow format, with an option to view certain photographs by the search items listed previously. This would allow the user to view many of the photos very easily. This would help drive the point home of the sheer amount of coffee that our culture consumes, and how much of a part it plays in our identity and our way of life.

People Appreciated

Intent: College is a distinct time in someone’s life. The memories and nostalgia for the college days is a strong factor withing our society. My intent is to create a website that highlights this atmosphere through images of places and people that inhabit colleges across the country. The places that are most important to those who go there, or who have gone there in the past. The pictures would be in a video gallery format and could be searched by college and by location within a campus, like a coffee shop or stadium. A little trip into nostalgia is the goal of this intent.